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MineMyMail sifts through all of the messages stored in your email account looking for the information you care about.

Extract all of the addresses stored in your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any IMAP enabled account and turn them into usable contacts which drive your marketing efforts.


  • extract all of the email addresses in the from, to, cc, bcc, reply-to, and from both the headers and the contents of the message body
  • results are exported into a CSV file which can be used with popular email programs or managed in Excel
  • import additional data like gender, profile picture, and location from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Gravatar
  • allow you to select which messages should be searched based on folder or label
  • schedule reoccuring extracts to manage regular communications
  • show you the first and most recent time you've communicated with someone
  • flexible pricing for individuals and commercial use

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