Where is my extract?

The speed at which an extract is completed, is entirely dependent on the amount of users submitting requests and is handled on a first come first serve basis. Subscription users are eligible for priority within the queue. In the unlikely event that you have not yet received your email two hours after requesting it, and it is not in your spam folder, please check the status page.

What is the password to my zip file?

The zip file that you receive will be encrypted and password protected for your security. The password used is the same one that you use to login to your email with.

I can't open my zip file using the Mac Archive utility. What do I do?

The zip file is encrypted to protect your information. Unfortunatley the Mac Archive utility does not support encryption. You can open the file with the Zipeg or WinZip for Mac.

I'm getting an error from Google about my account requiring web login?

Google likes to block accounts from logging in via IMAP when it suspects something is potentially a security risk. An example might be that you recently logged in from a physical location very differen then where our servers are at. To solve this you have to prove to Google that you're still in control of your account. There are two ways to do this:
  1. You can go to https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha which will unlock your account for 10 minutes.
  2. You can setup 2-factor authentication and generate an application sepcific password. http://support.google.com/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=185833

How much does it cost?

We offer a variety of pricing options. For full details please check the pricing page.

Do you retain and sell my data to spammers? Do you use my contacts in any way?

We respect your privacy and the privacy of your contacts. While we do temporarily host your data in order to provide it to you, we purge it as soon as possible. Your data is never given or sold to third parties.

How do I know my password is safe?

The process of extracting your emails is very system resource intensive. In order for the system to support a large number of users it has to be setup in a queue based fashion, which requires temporary storage of your password. When you request to have the emails in your account extracted, the system will temporarily store your encrypted password. Once the extraction is complete, your password is permanently removed from the system. For extra security we do support application specific passwords if your provider allows it. Many email providers allow you to enable 2-factor authentication in your account settings, essentially creating a password just for use with this site. This allows you to revoke access later without changing your password and ensures your information is secure. We do retain your email address so that we can contact you with Mine My Mail updates.

Why don’t you support email provider XYZ?

If we don’t support your email provider with our service, please email us and we can look in to adding it.

What are the advantages of being a subscriber?

You get priority extractions, dedicated support turnaround. As a subscriber to minemymail.com, not only do you make up your subscription fee by running one extract a week, but you also get priority extractions and dedicated support turnaround. The subscription is a month to month commitment and can be cancelled at any time.