MineMyMail was originally created as an application to satisfy a personal need, to better maintain a personal address book. The purpose was to dig deep in to the history of a Gmail account and essentially “mine” or extract the contact information for business contacts or personal acquaintances with whom we may have lost touch. By utilizing the IMAP protocol, MineMyMail is able to explore every message and then extract the email addresses from it, and in some cases even additional data like the first and last name. Previously known as Gmail Extract, and originally a tool exclusively for Gmail, MineMyMail is now available to perform extracts from Yahoo, and any IMAP enabled email account.

This tool works by accessing the provider’s IMAP server and subsequently downloading the message headers from whichever messages have been selected for extraction. These message headers are pulled into a master list, along with the first and last name if available. After all of the emails have been extracted, MineMyMail calculates some basic statistics including frequency of occurrence, which it uses to sort the available data. All of this information is then exported into a CSV file that is compatible with many different applications.

Besides the obvious task of compiling thorough contact lists, this CSV file can be used on many social networking sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn. Many of these sites allow users to import a contact list file and find many acquaintances who may be registered for that service.

When you run this application against your email account you will receive an email that contains several pieces of information. You will be provided statistics including number of emails, number of unique email addresses, and time taken to execute the extract. In addition you will receive a zip file attachment that contains your CSV file.

If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ page.